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Hi! I'm Pietro Gagliardi. On the Internet, I go by the name andlabs.

I am a software developer. I am a musician. I am a writer. (I need to get back to the latter two.) You might have heard of some of my open-source creations, such as the libui GUI library and the reallymine hard drive decryption tool. In fact, I've been developing software for at least 10 years, and currently work as a software engineer on Long Island, New York.

I'm interested in software at all levels, from the user-visible GUI right down to raw CPUs, and my github page shows it. In fact, not only do I like building software; I also like thinking about how to write software, how software works, and how to take apart software — those of you in the retro game research scene may recognize me for my reverse-engineering of certain games, in particular those that use a Motorola MC68000 CPU.

I've always got a song in my head, be it one that already exists or one that I'm coming up with. I need to get back into writing music (a large part of the reason for libui was to write music software of my own), and once I do you'll see a dedicated Music page on this site for it.

Same with writing and English. (No seriously, stay tuned! =P )

Maybe soon I'll have something less corny written here; until then, I hope you enjoy what I have so far! It'll only get better from here.